So, What About The Ninja Ball?

David LeonardUncategorized


Day 2 //It’s been almost a year since the website was stampeded by all the enthusiastic pinballers out there. I’m grateful, excited and still playing catch-up, a little bit.

There are probably as many, if not more pinball machine collectors and players out there than there are classic car buffs. I think, at heart, the two are very similar. Nothing says good old fashion Americana like the flashy display of a polished 57 Chevy or the loud report and blinking features of a well-cared for Kiss game. The Ninja ball will get you there. This is a genuine AISI 52100 Chrome ball with a heat treated hardness of over 60 on the Rockwell scale.

Several side by side comparisons have been done and the ninja seems to enjoy the top spot in almost every one. Here’s an example of the pinball match-up from YouTube and it’s posted in the pinball listings as well.