Do You Shop Around?

David LeonardUncategorized

How do you buy your pinball gear?

Day3//Are you a person who goes to one store for everything or do you have certain places you go to for specific items? If you do it in your everyday life, does it also apply to your pinball world?

Flippers, bumpers, circuit panels, lights or the simple Steel ball, they add up to the entire body of your pinball game. And then there are the thousands of different games with common and proprietary parts.

Might be, you should see a specialist for problems you have with the different body parts of your valued original Star Wars, Atlantis or Dirty Harry machine. They’re all special to you and you treat them as your private treasure trove of games, so maybe when you want a top notch Carbon or Chrome ball, you should see a specialist who deals with that alone. does just that. It may not be the fanciest, loudest or most intricate part of the machine but every game out there depends on that one little part and they all roll the same.