How A Steel Ball Is Made

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The Best Video To Show You The Pinball Process

I’ve been dealing with a back injury for the last 3 months and this is my first blog in a while. Sorry for the delay. I’ll try to be a bit more active.

In case any of you have ever wondered how you get to a perfectly round and polished Ninja Pinball or any other steel ball for that matter, the link to this video will give you the step by step process.  As you can see, it takes time and a lot of heavy machinery to produce the type of result needed for many applications in the bearing world and not just keeping the pinball aficionados happy.

To make these pinballs and have them turn out conforming to the set standards, requires a building that covers several acres, machinery, that in some cases, has to be installed before the building is finished and employee operators who take their specific task in the process, very seriously. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a very important tool in producing the consistent result needed to conform to the highest ISO standard achievable.

I hope you enjoy this ‘inside look’.