Don’t Ya Hate When That Happens?

David LeonardUncategorized

Pain will take the pinball right out of you.

Scored a very nice portable air conditioner 3 weeks ago and lifted it into the van thus rupturing a disc in my back. The pain has been so severe, I’ve really not thought about steel balls much. Except of course for the fact that I’m getting almost 4 tons of stock in by the end of next week and I have no idea who will help me load and unload and stock all the Carbon pinballs and Ninjas, as well as utility balls and other gaming balls for Labyrinth and Mouse Trap.

Hard to say who will do the heavy lifting but it won’t be me. There will, however, be fresh stock of all 3 pinball varieties and they be ready to ship.

That’s it for now – gotta go ice my back.