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Pinball – Ninja Chrome


Introducing the Ninja Pinball: The shiniest pinball on the planet.

This ultra-premium shine AISI 52100 chrome pinball has a high-quality mirror finish and surpasses all requirements of a standard pinball. Super-smooth surface, heat treat hardened, and enhanced secondary polishing make this the perfect pinball. Upgrade all of your machines with the highest quality solid chrome ball on the market. These are not chrome plated or chrome core but 100% solid chrome.

PACKING NOTE: Orders of 25 or less will be shipped dry, while bulk orders will ship with thin oil coating.

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Measures 1-1/16″ and weighs 2.8 oz. NOTE: Some players report that certain games which use magnets extensively can cause chrome pinballs to become magnetized over time, possibly leading to balls sticking together. Many of our buyers have had no issues with our chrome balls in magnetic games, but your mileage may vary.

Shipping notes: Quantities of 25 balls or less will be cleaned with alcohol and fully polished but 26 or more may be shipped with a thin oil coating and thus need to be rinsed in Isopropyl Alcohol and polished dry with an old cotton T-shirt (best).  All orders ship with a white cotton glove for handling and polishing and they DO make a difference.

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Weight2.8 oz

2 reviews for Pinball – Ninja Chrome

  1. 3 out of 5

    They look great. Unfortunately they magnetized after a couple games in Dialed In to the point that they would get stuck in the ball trough and the game could not function properly. Had to go back to the stock balls. Great balls for games that don’t have magnets.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Shiniest ball I ever seen. Holds up well and keeps its shine longer than other balls I’ve used but could be because it’s so shiny to begin with. Use these in all of my games. No issues with magnetism after hundreds of plays in Metallica, Dialed In, and TAF. The perfect ball IMO.

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