POLARIS Pinball – Carbon Steel


Non Magnetic Carbon Steel Pinball 1-1/16 inch

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‘Polaris’ Carbon Steel Pinballs (Read full description)

When the magnetic features in your machines demand a different ball.

NOTE: Polaris carbon pinballs, no matter how much they are professionally polished, do not have the shine of the more expensive chrome balls such as our Ninja pinball but weight and roundness are exactly on spec for a pinball. Chromes are 2.8 oz and carbons are 2.9 oz. Carbon balls are also softer in nature than chrome balls and will scratch faster than chrome. Please take this into consideration if you have become used to the look of the Ninja or standard chrome ball because carbon, having a different molecular structure, just won’t measure up to the chromes in appearance but will give you better play in a machine with magnetic features.

Measures 1-1/16″ and weighs 2.9 oz.

Note to Players: No matter what machine you play on, if it has magnetic features, there is a small chance any ball you try may get magnetized. Some features pulse such a large burst of magnetic energy that no ball can stay ‘neutral’ forever. If you have original equipment balls that are not magnetized but just don’t look good – Don’t throw them away. They could be used as a standard by which aftermarket balls can be compared for alloy concentrations. As of late 2018, I have about 5% of my customer base that have run into issues with carbon balls and magnetic memory. The investigation continues…..

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