POLARIS Pinball – Carbon Steel


Non-magnetic carbon steel pinball measuring 1-1/16″, 2.9oz. Please read detailed description below for important information.

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When the magnetic features in your machines demand a different ball.

NOTE: Polaris carbon pinballs, no matter how much they are professionally polished, do not have the ultra shine of the more expensive Ninja pinball but weight and roundness are exactly on spec for a pinball. Chromes are 2.8 oz and carbons are 2.9 oz. Carbon balls are also softer in nature than chrome balls and will scratch faster than chrome. Please take this into consideration if you have become used to the look of the Ninja or standard chrome ball because carbon, having a different molecular structure, won’t measure up to the chrome balls in appearance but will give you much longer lasting play in a machine with magnets.

Measures 1-1/16″ and weighs 2.9 oz.

ABOUT MAGNETISM: If a machine has aggressive magnet usage, there is still a small chance the ball may become magnetized over time. Polaris balls are designed to resist this magnetization far longer than Ninja balls. However, be aware that some machines feature long periods of sustained magnet usage and no ball can stay totally ‘neutral’ forever. 

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