Tumbling Media Stainless Steel Type 2


Tumbling Media Type 1
Tumbling media can be used in barrel and vibratory tumblers to burnish metals. AISI type 302 stainless steel media are for applications where good corrosion resistance is important, but hardness is not. They offer good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, dyes, food, environmental sterilizing solutions and many organic and inorganic materials.
Combination mix contains:
1/8″ Diagonals
3.5mm Balcones
1/8″ Balcones
4mm Balls

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The product is made of: AISI type 302 stainless steel, and is subject to magnetic force. Media is specifically for applications where good corrosion resistance is important. The substantial weight of steel media exerts higher pressure on the parts in finishing equipment and effectively reduces finishing times. For international sales, please contact seller for details on ordering