Monkey Fist 1″ Value Pack w Jig & 10 Hollow Poly Balls


This kit gives you the jig and round cores you need to make your monkey fist in the size specified.

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The monkey fist design is about 1800 years old and has been used by sailors and crafters for centuries. My jig is called the _MoFIJi��_. It is a south Pacific word that means shrimp, on the island of Tonga. It is my own trademarked design and has been engineered specifically for the size ball it is built for. Compact and light but durable, it is made from Oak and shaped to fit well in your hand or stand on its own should you be interrupted in process. It gives the experienced maker the ability to turn out a monkey fist in much less time. If you are a beginner, then the jig helps you hold the turns in place and give you a uniform outcome with every effort as you learn how to make them.
There are instructions included and a link to the YouTube video which shows how to use it.