Trophy Grade Rare Wood Pedestals For Large Novelty Balls


Exotic Solid Wood Trophy Base



Hand made from a solid block of Exotic Wood. Great for leagues and tournaments.

This is slightly taller than the Oak Pedestal offering at a full 2 inch height.

Beveled sides, sanded and polished with orange oil and bee’s wax.

Felt bottom for a no scratch placement.

Large enough for trophy plaque to be affixed to front side. Cut dimensions for plaque should be 3-1/2 by 1-3/4 with a 15 degree cut-in up the sides to match the bevel.

All Plates and engraving can be done here in the shop so email for more information.

This will accommodate all sizes of the Novelty Pinballs and keep them from rolling away.

These are one-offs as wood becomes available and right now there are one each of the Bocote (l) and Quina wood (R)

Call or email for availability