Swirly-Ball Pinball G-10 Surface AISI 52100 Chrome


Swirly Pinball

Solid Chrome

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Measures 1-1/16″ and weighs 2.8 oz.

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This standard AISI 52100 chrome steel pinball meets all requirements of a standard ball but with a slightly swirled finish. These were rounded to the Ninja specification and then some of the final polishing patterns were left on the ball. As it moves down the field of play, the light reflection is scattered a bit which lets you see the ‘roll’ of the ball. Maybe you’d call it a slight ‘starburst’ effect. It’s like being able to see the seams on a pitched baseball. Smooth surface and great polish make this the perfect fit at an economical price, with just a bit of pizzazz for visual effect.. For an insanely shiny ball that is unmatched in quality, durability, and shine, check out the Ninja pinball.

As with all chrome balls, these may be effected by games with magnetic features