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Un-inspected Carbon Pinballs

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Unfortunately, I just got 1-1/2 tons of Carbon pinballs in and they are about 35% defective. Last time I visually inspected about 1800 pounds as the orders came in and it was a grueling task. I can neither afford the time or energy to do that again. I am offering these balls at a loss because I can’t return them. Other suppliers have simply given up but I’m going to inspect a small amount for limited retail sale but not for bulk orders. If you want a bulk order, you can buy these at a huge discount knowing that you will have 15 –  30% pick-outs. The ones that pass look just fine, nice and shiny. SURFACE SHINE IS MEDIUM TO HIGH G-200.

Another reason I am selling these lots in large quantity numbers, is the law of averages. It is possible that if you order five balls, they could all be bad, so larger quantities should even the odds and give you a better ratio of good and bad balls.

NOTE: Carbon pinballs, no matter how much they are professionally polished, do not have the shine of the more expensive chrome balls such as our Ninja pinball but weight and roundness are exactly on spec for a pinball. Chromes are 2.8 oz and carbons are 2.9 oz. Carbon balls are also softer in nature than chrome balls and will scratch faster than chrome. Please take this into consideration if you have become used to the look of the Ninja or standard chrome ball because carbon, having a different molecular structure, just won’t measure up to the chromes in appearance but will give you better play in a machine with magnetic features.

Measures 1-1/16″ and weighs 2.9 oz.

Note to Players: No matter what machine you play on, if it has magnetic features, there is a small chance any ball you try may get magnetized. Some features pulse such a large burst of magnetic energy that no ball can stay ‘neutral’ forever. If you have original equipment balls that are not magnetized but just don’t look good – Don’t throw them away. They could be used as a standard by which aftermarket balls can be compared for alloy concentrations. Please contact me if you have these.