39mm Baoding Balls Set of 2


39mm Hand Exercise Baoding Balls Fitness and Therapy

Set of 2 balls

Each ball weighs 9 oz.

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39mm Solid Chrome Balls

Baoding balls are also commonly known as Chinese Exercise Balls, Chinese Therapy Balls, Chinese Stress Balls, and Chinese Health Balls. By rolling Baoding Balls around in your hand while thinking in the office, watching TV or even out walking, you can use an ancient Chinese & very clever way of massaging all the acupressure points in the head for many benefits while amusing yourself by moving the Baoding Balls around in your hand. Traditional beautiful solid steel Baoding Balls are A handy instrument for health care, a massager for pressing acupressure points in your palm, and are effective for the relief of fatigue, inflammation, muscle pain and stiffness.

This is a set of 2 balls

Each Ball weighs 241 grams